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About Us

Finding and surfing perfect waves is the everlasting dream of every surfer. And you’ve probably said to a fellow surfer, “Hey, let’s do another surf trip soon!” And the reply is always, “Yea, cool. Where to?” Then you name a few great point break destinations and reminisce about adventures from previous surf trips.  But most of us surfers in our sixties never actually commit to that next adventure because our work and family lives, or our declining vitality seem to hold us back; and then that next epic surf trip becomes just an imaginary item on the bucket list. 

This scenario was the catalyst for surfers Campbell ("Camp") Douglass, Kevin Schweizer,  and Stephanie ("2W") Brown of New Smyrna Beach, FL, and John Phillips of Ponce Inlet, FL to start Surfing in the Sixties - a venture for surf, service, and fellowship for all of us who aspire to be sexagenarian surfers. One of our mottos is, "If you're not here yet (in your sixties), God willing you're going to be; and if you're beyond your sixties, you'll continue to share the love of surfing and serving with us." 

If you resonate with our motto, and you still dream of getting the barrel of your life - or at least the occasional ‘head dip’ - we hope you’ll become a member and join us for our next surf trip.  Our typical surf destinations are warm water point breaks that enhance the surfing and serving experience as we support local orphanages at each surf destination. 

Let's keep surfing perfect waves until the time when, God willing, we enjoy surfing in the seventies!

The Founders

Camp Douglass

Campbell (“Camp”) lives in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, with his ‘first love' Kathy Jo. His second love is surfing - and now the opportunity to surf and serve with Surfing in the Sixties.  

Since college and medical school, he's had the opportunity to serve in various foreign mission fields and surf great waves at many of those destinations.

He’s also a verifiable sexagenarian surfer - at 63 years young - with arthritis in his right hip contributing to his ‘mature’ surfing style.

Camp hopes you'll become a member of Surfing in the Sixties and look forward to the camaraderie during each new surf trip when we'll surf more perfect waves and enjoy serving the orphanages at each destination!


Kevin Schweizer

Kevin and his NSB High School sweetheart (Missy Lee) live in NSB (Bethune) and have 4 children; Nils, Abaco, Autumn and Noah. “ We were the surfing parents hauling kids up and down the east coast and eventually to California and Central America. The kids were involved in ESA and NSSA and Surfari Club local contests, surf shop challenges and then the pro events and eventually the boys went on to become pro surfers.  "Life has been good and it’s time to give back" says Kevin.


Kevin started surfing at 9 and remembers his first wave “way, way" outside at Beachway ramp. "I was so light I think I rode the wave for 10 seconds before it ever broke…” He was hooked and still at it at 62. Kevin is an architect and enjoys traveling for work and pleasure, and surfs whenever and wherever possible. He also enjoys sailing and skin-diving and fishing the back creeks with Missy and the kids.


John Phillips

John lives in Ponce Inlet, Florida.  A native Floridian back home after many years abroad working in Information Technology, Network Security consulting, and aviation based land development.

After growing up in the Daytona area, John spent several years in Brazil (sim ele fala portugues) doing volunteer computer work, then back to Florida briefly before moving to Canada for 25 years.

John grew up in the Daytona Beach area and started surfing around age 14.  John said, “I still remember my first bottom turn, I was hooked”.


Now his focus is on enjoying life and giving back so others too can enjoy surfing.


Stephanie "2W" Brown

With 20 years of hospitality experience, you can imagine that I have seen it all! From restaurants, bars and hotels, to private membership clubs in Los Angeles, I have navigated a wide variety of concepts and responsibilities throughout the event world. With travel and events I believe that the venue sets the stage for an incredible experience along with a solid group of people, delicious food, great drinks, and a well thought out atmosphere.  

With Venspiration, an event and travel company, my goal is to create truly unique group travel experiences and special events. Much of my inspiration comes from the ocean and as a result, our events and travel focus on venues near or around the beach.  The best days of my life always include an unforgettable sunset from any ocean, so why not make that the foundation of all my events and travel experiences? 

I'm looking forward to making memories with you!

Our Mission

Our Mission at Surfing in the Sixties, LLC is to offer our members high quality turn-key surf travel experiences, and the opportunity to serve or donate directly to orphanages and other worthy causes at each destination.

Business Model
Busiess Model

Operating expenses for Surfing in the Sixties, LLC are generated through membership fees, logo merchandise sales from the Store and donations from our sponsors.  10% of total gross revenues are donated to five (5) orphanages we sponsor.  In addition, members are invited to donate directly to the orphanages so that 100% of their donation goes to the orphanage of their choice.

Orphanage - El Salvador

Orphanage - Dominican Republic

Stay Tuned




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