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pipe dreams

We want you to get involved by "Sponsoring a Surfer" as a part of our Pipe Dreams Project. We have found throughout our travels that there are a lot of highly talented young surfers throughout Central America who are passionate about pursuing a professional surfing career.  A majority of these kids do not have the financial means to make this happen, but we want to help level the playing field by supporting their goals.  In exchange for a $50 a month sponsorship, they must learn English, keep their grades up, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and train hard to pursue their surfing goals.  Often times we pay contest entry fees or even cover travel costs so they can get exposure to surf breaks in different countries, but continuing this mission requires financial support.  Get involved in "Sponsoring a Surfer" by making a monthly or annual donation.  There are various options depending on your interests.  

sponsorship opportunities




Make a monthly contribution of $50 and we will link you up with one of our team riders so that you can support their journey. 


Make a one-time annual contribution of $600 to support our team riders. 


One time donations go towards supporting the travel expenses of our team riders. We have found that exposure to different surf cultures and breaks is essential towards success in professional surfing and we aim to give these kids every opportunity possible for success. 

meet our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our goal is to find one male and one female at each of our travel destinations.  Here are the current members of the surfing in the sixties team

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