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Life Time Membership

Only $250.

Membership for surfing and serving.

Fun, philanthropy, fitness, and friendships.

 And your free Surfing in the Sixties mug…plus more.

Includes a mug, a T-shirt, and three travel opportunities each year,

(first come first serve)

A turn-key adventure...

for fun and rewarding ‘surf and serve’ trips. Our experienced partners are regulars at each destination. We rely on their knowledge of the food, accommodations, transportation, currencies, laws, and customs; and most importantly, the facilities we serve and the surf breaks. We don’t send you there, we take you with us to share the joys of surfing and serving.


to impact young lives, stay surfing, and make friends. You’ll build relationships with the children and staff of the service facilities and with fellow “mature” surfers.  Soon  you'll be swapping tales from the tube, and insights about families and friends,  jobs, health, and spiritual paths; whether at super cool surf destinations or through our social media venues. The privilege to surf and serve can develop lifelong friendships as well as providing ongoing support for the service facilities. It’s all about having fun and helping underprivileged surf communities.


your 'old man and the sea' wisdom with underprivileged youth provides opportunity for kind words and caring actions. Your financial or personal involvement could encourage them toward a healthy life, avoiding the serious pitfalls so prevalent in their world.

Female longboard.jpeg


the trips and results of each adventure will spark enthusiasm in your psyche. What's good for your psyche is good for your health and happiness. People who continually look forward to upcoming events have significantly higher “happiness scores”  than people who remain planted in daily routines. Get stoked with seeing a set on the horizon.


include a mug and a members only T-shirt to let your friends and family know that you support the surfing and serving lifestyle...for a better world and a healthier happier you. Check out all of the membership benefits here. In a nutshell...Philanthropy, fun and fitness. It’s just what the doctor ordered! Think of your Surfing in the Sixties membership as a lifestyle enhancement.

The fun...

doesn’t stop at the end of each trip. Members will receive the newsletter and access to multiple social media venues are there for members to share experiences with photos and tales of your adventures as well as post “brag” photos of you and your family, whether it is surfing or just being a good human. We also have a “mugshot” page for any member that sends us a photo of themselves with their Surfing in the Sixties mug.

So join now and catch the wave to an enriched life of surfing and serving.



the true measure of success is not how much we have achieved, but how well we have surfed served.

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