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Ninos de la Luz - Dominican Republic

About Jon and Shannon Haslett, Founders of Niños de la Luz:

"They met on a plane to Kenya thirty-four years ago. Starting their story through WYAM, working in the Philippines, and studying Spanish in Costa Rica had all played a part in following what they felt called to do - work with the troubled and homeless youth of Venezuela. From then, their story took them through so many journeys of tests, losses and successes. They have seen and experienced life changing moments, good and bad. From personal experience, I have seen my parents' passions drive them to dedicate every aspect of their lives to God. They have seen God work inexplicably, showing them that constant faithful steps, as little as they might seem, move them in directions they would never have thought to have been. Trust and motivation have brought housing boys in Venezuela for twenty-five years, seventeen years in the Dominican Republic and now three years in South Sudan!"

- Summer Haslett, youngest daughter of Jon and Shannon

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